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At Passionate Entrepreneur Academy we assist passionate entrepreneur to work less, make more money while positively impacting your intimate community of family, friends, employees, customers, suppliers, public etc

Whether you have a running business or plan to start one, You are at the right place where you get trained, coached and mentored in your success journey. We will work with you to clarify, proritise and focus on the strategies that will shorten your learning and achievement curve.

That means you get to your target much faster and quickly on to your next bigger goal. Once you are clear on the strategies to employ. We will work with you to structure step by step action plans that will assist you achieve your vision.

Furthermore, we will support and inspire you in various ways to execute, monitor and evaluate the action plans which means “No slacking” along the way.

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By the way Passionate Entrepreneur, do you know what experiences your customers go through as they buy from you? What are their highs? What about the lows? Where are you losing to competition? What are you missing? Take advantage of our FREE customer experience mapping training session and get these questions answered.

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