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By visiting or using the Site, you agree to be bound by our  terms of Service, privacy  policy or other terms relevant to a section, product , service and the property rights thereby applying.The Passionate Entrepreneur Academy and its website www.biasharacoach.blogspot.co.ke  (hereafter sites/we) have made every effort in preparing the materials strictly for information purposes. The site is continuously being improved and as such we issue no warranty on accuracy, completeness or appropriateness. You take full responsibility to the application of the ideas contained therein.

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Do you want to submit your materials?

Once you submit any materials on the site, you grant us the license to use that material in any form or purpose,promote  in any way or distribute anywhere. You also warrant that you own , are authorized or  control rightsto the posting and that the use of your posting will not infringe on the rights of another party. You also grant the right to exploit any proprietary rights including rights under copyright, trademark, service mark or patent laws under any relevant jurisdiction as well as the right to your identify as author and or contacts therein as needed

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Express permission is required to incorporate any content on our site  to any other site. However you can insert hypertext link to the Site so long as there is no implication of  link  sponsorship by us

What about  products sold on the site?

We take responsibility  for our  products and services and will deliver as per or privacy policy and  relevant product terms. However we will not take responsibility any loss, damage, or other matters for  third party  merchants on the site or those linked to the site. You are  financially responsible for all purchases made by you or those you authorise.

How do I participate in discussion forums, chat rooms etc?

You are most welcome to participate in our interactive sections. Though we are not obliged to monitor, we reserve the right to alter, edit, delete in part or whole post or even block a  user who has not adhered to  rules as under. We require that you submit a name  which  could be your real name or an alias. Same case to images.You are responsible for the contents you post in the sites’ interactive sections and agree to adhere to the following rules;

  • Relevant, legal content .
  • Maximum respect for  other  users and No profanities please!
  • No  advertisements.  Contact us  to get details on how to advertise
  • No impersonators, false information  or misrepresentation
  • No disruptions to website performance or systems
  • No  unauthorized access to website system or network
  • No unathorised use of website e.g. posting copyrighted information, harmful content such as viruses etc
  • Harvest users contacts

How do I subscribe to relevant offers/ promotions?

You may be asked to provide certain personal information which should be  complete, accurate and governed by  our privacy policy


You will be provided with a username and password to gain access to certain sections of the site. Protect your password as you will be responsible for any actions that follow the use of your password. Notify the site of any breaches and change your password immediately. Make a point of signing off your account  at the end of each session

Right of choice

We are not responsible for any damages resulting from usage or non- usage of the site and its components or the conduct of any user.  You have the choice to discontinue use when dissatisfied. We also the right to terminate your access to all or part of the site without notice

Global usage

These Terms of Use shall be governed by the laws of Kenya. If you access the site from outside Kenya, you are responsible for compliance with your local laws