How We Work

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Welcome to The Passionate Entrepreneur Academy. You have come to the right place where you will be empowered to work less, make more money and positively impact. That is why

Our moto is “When you mean to work less, make more money &positively impact

Our Vision is “To Change lifestyles”. After all that is why we all get into a career or a business - To support the lifestyles we want. 

Our Purpose is to empower Passionate Entrepreneursto work less, make more money and positively impact their own lifestyles, family, employees, customers, and all other stakeholders

Our Mission is to impart personal, lifestyle and business skills to Passionate Entrepreneurs that will get them to work less, make more money & positively impact. We   train, coach, mentor, and motivate Passionate Entrepreneurs  though various  programs delivered  online   through  the members section  of this  website, via email or personalisedone to  one (1-1) coaching to  gain clarity, priority and focus.

Why our programs

The programs are packed with various strategies that will assist you achieve your desired objectives quickly.  You will also be provided with tools to assist you learn the “what” and the “how tos” of implementation. Moreover, you will not be  alone  as  you will  join our community of likeminded entrepreneurs with  whom you can share  experiences and best practices  in your  success journey.

Did I say that the Passionate Entrepreneur Academy will also be at hand to respond to questions relevant to the program you are registered for? And that subsequent updates tothese programs will be communicated and made available to members?

Your investment


To realize the best results from the programs, the first and best investment will be YOU. You will be 100% committed to learning and 100% devoted toadapting the strategies to  fit in your business situation, planning, executing and evaluating the selected strategies. 

Our  vision at The Passionate Entrepreneur Academy is “To change lifestyles” with the purpose  of  empowering Passionate Entrepreneurs  work less, make more money and positively impact.

We will kindly and humbly request that you allow us to MOTIVATE you tostrategise, execute Measure and Achieve and even ask for proof of achievement where necessary.

Don’t ask how, we have our systems in place to get you there!  Towards this end, we will only take a limited number of students in each program so that we can concentrate on getting results.

Your Finances

What is  the value of  a  more confident YOU,  improved lifestyle,  achieved goals,  more  productivity,  better business foundations, improved  customer lifetime  value, more  customers, more sales etc? How much would you pay to achieve just one of these goals? How long would it take you to acquire these skills? Link up  to  products from the home page to just have a comparison.

Better still, you can get a taste of the value  (FOR FREE) from the free programs we are offering to all “Passionate Entrepreneurs (PE)” and “Entrepreneurs To Be” (ETB). Subscribe to enjoy the free training.

Our Values

Don’t take our word ….Watch what we do and don’t stop there….challenge us!   That’s why our first value is excellence!

1. Personal Excellence: Each team member is devoted to discovering & being the best they can ever be and giving the very best service to internal and external customers.

2. Accountability: We take responsibility for our actions.

3. Discipline:  We are committed toconsistently execute best strategies, systems and innovations that get the desired results. We continuously learn and keep updating our capacity to get the results we envision for our client and ourselves

3. Integrity: We handle information that comes into ourpossession in the course or our work with utmost confidence and be humble enough to communicate what we can or cannot do

5. Teamworks::  We work with you as part of your team and you as part of our team to listen, support, respect and co-operate for a mutually beneficial relationship