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Is your poor productivity a product of your good genes?

No way! How can  “good genes’ result in poor productivity?

Well  hold your horses. You could only have invested in that business because you are Good in what you do. That is all well and  good but let’s  look at the results? Do you dread that end month report or you are even  scared of  preparing one convincing yourself that what you don’t know does not hurt???

Are  you optimizing those good genes you are blessed with?  All of us have this or that weak areas? So, what are you doing about your weakness? Trying very  hard to get them to the level of your strengths. How is it working? At what expense?

What  about  the good genes of your employees, family, friends, partners etc. ? How  well are you tapping into and optimizing their resourcefulness?

What about your input- output process and technology?. Through your good genes are you ensuring that  you are reaping maximum output from minimal inputs?

Look around you. Is the working environment as good as the good genes?

Now let’s get the  good genes to work
You are now  look forward to  making or receiving the end month/year report. Of course the results are nothing short of  amazing!

 Your Income statement top line ( sales) and bottom line ( net profit) is above target.  The cash flow is just right. You have gained more customers at a lower cost than previous year.

You are producing more efficiently with lower costs to boot. Your employees are a  happy lot as they are strategically deployed,  more effective and better remunerated.

You have set systems in every aspect of your business such that at any breakdown is quickly recognized and corrected pronto!

OOOH the good genes at work………….

How you get to get the good genes to work  it can be  accidental at times!
Look at what happened to me. I had been working at developing some programs for quite some time. I kept doing and redoing them until one end of school term.

 In my daughter’s school, we get a newsletter and it always has the most valuable information on parenting.  The article in this newsletter had a story of a mother and daughter who were having issues on academic performance and discipline.

Whereas, the girl was an intelligent girl and was performing well in kindergarten, her grades had dropped dramatically and she was constantly in conflict with her primary school teacher.

The mother was on the  verge of giving up until she landed in the hands of an expert where she got to  learn and understand that all of us have different learning styles which affect our productivity. Her daughters learning style  was conflicting with the  school system! 

As for me, I just  had my “eureka moment”. Those who share my learning style have to search, fact find,  analyse, reanalyze, research again etc ending up in a  situation rightly named “paralysis analysis”.

 That was an eye popping moment. Now I  am wiser and have devised a system circumvent  the “paralysis analysis’’ ocean.

 The result--- this program will that assist you optimize your productivity in any sphere of your life

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So, what  aboutdoing away with “learning by accident’  and adopting “learning by design”

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Virginia Mburu
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